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Manage Right is cloud-based vendor management and workforce management software. Our customers are global and range from small companies with a few dozen contractors to large companies with thousands of contractors and projects.
  • Simple, flexible, and comprehensive
    An easy-to-use web application that provides maximum flexibility with configuration for all workflows, all data input, custom coding, and extensive business analytics across the spectrum of contract, perm, and project categories.
  • International
    Built from the ground up as an international solution, our product supports multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese (with more coming!), local preferences, rules, currencies, pricing, and much more.
  • Modern & Scalable
    Built atop a modern Web 2.0 platform with the latest technologies, security, and database architecture that supports a highly scalable blend of both multi-tenancy for suppliers and separate, secure databases for each customer.